The White desire to be Black – money & victimhood

The white desire to be black -  money & victimhood. Rachel Dolezal lied about being black
The white desire to be black – money & victimhood. Rachel Dolezal lied about being black and changed her appearance

What makes a white woman desire to be black?


Money, attention, victimhood, power and fame!


First, it was Australian hip-hop artist, blonde-haired Iggy Azalea, who put on a heavy Southern accent & voice to sound like a black artist and now it is a civil rights activist, a white girl who has lied about her race and lied about being oppressed, harassed and having to hunt for food as a child using a bow and arrow.


Rachel Dolezal is president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, chair of the city’s Office of Police Ombudsman Commission, and an adjunct professor at Eastern Washington University. Rachel Dolezal lied and fooled the world by saying she is black when she is not!


Rachel Dolezal’s mother, Ruthanne Dolezal, exposed the lie and says that after she and her husband (both Caucasian) adopted four African-American children, Rachel Dolezal began to “disguise herself” as African-American.


Why would Rachel do this and create lies about racist threats being made against her, including nooses found near her home?


Victimhood as a means to get attention, recognition, power and control.


Rachel Dolezal could have simply stated that while she is Caucasian she identifies with the black culture and ethnicity without deceiving people by masking her appearance, making lies that she is black and fabricating that she suffered hate crimes, that she had to use bows and arrows to hunt for her own food or that she lived in South Africa. She even created fake hate mail and placed it in her own PO Box.


Rachel Dolezal had a job at Eastern Washington University teaching about the experience of being a black woman, something she obviously knows nothing about.


Rachel Dolezal didn’t simply identify with the black culture, she lied and used it as a way to get sympathy, intense attention, recognition, opportunities. She received a full scholarship from Howard University on the basis that they believed she is black.


Rachel Dolezal was not interested in being an activist – she was more concerned with power:  In her application for the Spokane Police Oversight Committee, Rachel Dolezal lied and said she is “African-American, Native American, German, Czech, Swedish, Jewish and Arabic.”  The only motive for this lie is power and significance!


Playing victim in adulthood gave Dolezal the opportunity to get recognition and to be granted positions of power and influence. There is no inherent difference between a black and female body, nor psychological differences at birth. The only real differences occur as a result of societal programming and the treatment of blacks and whites.


And she went to great lengths to hide the truth, telling the world she has a black father and even asking her adopted mixed brother, Ezra Dolezal “not to blow her cover.” Ezra says, “It’s kind of a slap in the face to African-Americans because she doesn’t know what it’s like to be black. She’s only been African-American when it benefited her. She hasn’t been through all the struggles.”


Ezra believes that his sister “might have developed some self-hatred” when she was at Howard University and they “saw she was white and she wasn’t treated that well.”


Rachel Dolezal realized she would have more to benefit by lying and claiming to be a black victim of hate crimes and suffering in extreme poverty as a child.


People will go to extreme lengths and measures to receive empathy and attention, such as Munchausen Syndrome where people fake terminal illnesses and psychological trauma. Rachel Dolezal faked being black along with fake psychological trauma and suffering in order to play the victim, get empathy, a professorship, and various positions of power and influence!

Further,  some people have an extraordinary ability to deceive themselves and then proceed to live the lies that they create.

“When she applied [to Howard University] they thought she was a black student. When she came there, they saw she was white and she wasn’t treated that well, especially by people that worked there. She probably started developing this kind of dislike for being white and dislike for white people. She used to tell Izaiah … that all white people are racists. She might have developed some self-hatred.” – Ezra Dolezal


“It’s not about race, it’s about integrity. If you’re a leader, you have to have integrity. She clearly lacks integrity. The other piece is credibility.” – Kitara Johnson, a member of the Spokane NAACP chapter, who also organized an online petition calling for Dolezal to take a leave of absence.


Talking points
* Iggy Azalea using the black culture for her own gain:
Iggy Azalea, whose thick southern US-accent, coterie of black dancers, practised booty shaking and machine-gun raps about “lettin’ you know what da fuck I been through” sit somewhat at odds with her pale skin, blond hair and Australian origins. 
* Does Transracial exist? Is race as fluid as gender?
* Does Rachel Dolezal suffer from something similar to Munchausen Syndrome (faking an illness to get attention and sympathy)?
* How do we form our identity?
*What is wrong with a white woman identifying with another race?
* The differences between race and ethnicity
* What is the effect on black culture with a white woman lying about being black?
* The dangers of trying to victimize oneself
* How did Iggy Azalea’s white race help her to become successful in a black male dominated music industry of hip-hop?


Was Josh Duggar molested?

did someone molest josh duggar
Did someone molest Josh Duggar?

Forgive or damn Josh Duggar?
While there are 2 mass clashing responses to the revelations that Josh Duggar molested 4 of his younger sisters and another girl (ages 5 – 12) over a period of a year when he was 14/15, most people fail to realize that often cases someone who molests or abuses a child was molested or abused when he was a child.

I have worked with various clients who were abused by an older sibling, and that older sibling was abused when he/she was young. I have had cases of boys molesting younger sisters/brothers, and sisters molesting younger brothers.

So did someone molest Josh when he was young child?

The answer is most likely, yes.

And while some people promote forgiveness for Josh, the second key question in this case is, has the victims of Josh Duggar forgiven him? Has Josh’s sisters forgiven him?

Consequences for Josh AND forgiveness can help his sisters to forgive him and bring about healing and resolution for the 4 sisters.

Josh molested five underage girls in 2002 and 2003 but was not charged for two reasons:

1. The statute of limitations had already passed
2. Parents Jim Bob and Michelle waited for 16 months before reporting it to a an Arkansas state trooper named Jim Hutchens, who gave Josh a “very stern talk” and did nothing else

Brief Summary

  • March 2002, Jim Bob Duggar (Josh’s father) is told by a minor that Josh has been fondling her while she was sleeping. The 2006 Police report says 14-year-old Josh admitted to this in July 2002.
  • One year later, March 2003, Josh is again accused of fondling “several” minors, “often when they slept, but at times when they were awake.”
  • Jim Bob informs the elders of his church. They decide Josh should be sent to a program that “consisted of hard physical work and counseling.” Michelle Duggar (Josh’s mother) later admits to police that the program “was not really a training center” and instead was “a guy they know in Little Rock that is remodeling a building.”
  • After Josh returns home, Jim Bob and several church elders take him to meet with an Arkansas state trooper named Jim Hutchens, who gives him a “very stern talk” but does not pursue any official course of action. (Hutchens is currently serving a 56-year prison sentence on child pornography charges.) (source VOX)

Talking Points

  • Impact of abuse and molestation on female child victims
  • The psychological reasons abusers repeat the abuse
  • Can an abuser truly change?
  • Why some abused victims do not repeat the abuse as adults
  • The role forgiveness plays for the victims


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Patrick Wanis Ph.D.
Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert & SRTT Therapist

How ISIS sells youth a perverted “purpose driven life”

Australian teenager Jake-Bilardi - another example of how ISIS sells youth a perverted "purpose driven life"?
Australian teenager Jake-Bilardi – another example of how ISIS sells youth a perverted “purpose driven life”?

An 18-year old Australian teen reportedly carried out a suicide bombing for ISIS and it’s another example of the way ISIS is using social media to recruit lost Western Youth by selling them purpose, meaning, and a chance to become a hero.

Remember, Rick Warren’s “The purpose driven life”, which sold 30 million copies worldwide? It gave people a positive purpose says Australian Human Behavior Expert, Patrick Wanis PhD. Australian Jake Bilardi is another example of a troubled teen who sought meaning and purpose after his mother died of Cancer 2 years ago and ISIS helped transform him from an Atheist into a Muslim terrorist.

Jake Bilardi was not poor and he was not uneducated; he was affluent and a gifted student. However, ISIS’ social media propaganda tapped into his vulnerabilities and confusion. Bilardi didn’t need a job – what he needed was meaning and purpose to his life – he found a perverted meaning.

ISIS’ propaganda videos display solidarity, strength, power; the videos seem to offer something more than just a religion – they offer a supernatural intention and objective – to serve God via sacrifice; the videos promote extreme honor in death, unparalleled brotherhood and unity and even try to offer the remedy to individual depression by fighting for a cause, living with honor and becoming a hero.

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50 Shades of Grey promotes domestic violence

50 Shades movie promotes domestic violence
50 Shades movie promotes domestic violence

50 Shades of Grey movie condones domestic violence and sexual abuse by reinforcing the notion that women are victims who can cure an abuser by accepting his abuse and offering him love, says Human Behavior and Relationship Expert, Patrick Wanis PhD.

The movie sets up women to fall for the most dangerous mistake possible – falling in love with the potential of a damaged man and making it her role to fix him, all the while giving her own power away and letting him emotionally & psychologically manipulate & control her, and physically & sexually abuse her.

In the movie, Christian Grey, who is a “cold-hearted predator with a dungeon filled with toys” clearly tells Anastasia Steele, who views him as an intimidating man, that her role is to receive and enjoy the sexual and psychological pain, control and manipulation for one reason alone – to please him.

Anastasia unveils the classic symptoms of a woman trapped in an abusive relationship: she is humiliated, controlled, stalked, manipulated, hit, diminished, criticized, alienates friends, experiences mood swings, becomes isolated and above all, begins to feel helpless that she cannot change him with her love.She wants to fix, heal and cure the abuser, thus blaming herself when she fails.

Three women are murdered every day in the US due to domestic violence. While many women attend the movie 50 Shades of Grey looking for a love story with kinky scenes, they are being brainwashed into thinking their role is to be submissive and embrace abuse in order to win the rich, powerful man. This is an extreme setback for equality.

Finally, the BDSM community (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism) does not support 50 Shades of Grey because it is not an accurate depiction of BDSM and one real-life Dominatrix clearly states that there is a vast difference between abuse and BDSM.


The ‘death’ of Bill Cosby

The death of Bill Cosby
The ‘death’ of Bill Cosby

The accusations of rape by multiple women against Bill Cosby are not just bringing down his career with cancellations of shows, reruns and future projects – they have succeeded in ‘killing’ Bill Cosby for his millions of fans.


When we are faced with the stark claims that a warm, beloved TV star isn’t whom we believed him to be, we undergo our own pain – our image, emotional association and attachment to Bill Cosby are now shattered by the accusations and potential revelations that he is a rapist. In other words, the rape claims have destroyed our fond memories and affectionate associations. It is called Cognitive Dissonance – the struggle we face when there are two conflicting thoughts in our mind – in this case, the cuddly, gentle father figure of Bill Cosby clashing with the information that relays an image of a monster and rapist. We cannot hold two conflicting thoughts at the same time – we must abandon our image of the nice, loving man. And what happens to our numerous memories of Bill Cosby – of joy, laughter, warmth and guidance? They die. Fans can and will eventually speak of feeling duped, brainwashed and fooled by Bill Cosby ‘he isn’t who he pretended to be.’


Bill Cosby doesn’t need to be convicted by a jury in a court – the shocking claims by numerous women is enough to create doubt and eventually shatter all of our great memories. And quite sadly, more and more allegations are surfacing – including Therese Serignese who now claims she was raped in 1976, yet she says she willingly went back to his Las Vegas penthouse suite and stayed with him for several weeks and she adds they stayed in contact over the years; he helped her financially decades later giving her a gift of $15,000 for medical expenses. This behavior by Therese Serignese which, appears to be absurd and ‘unbelievable’, can be attributed to naivete, psychological manipulation and a teenage desire for fame, fortune and glamour.

All of these allegations will ultimately destroy any tender and beautiful memories fans have of Bill Cosby; once the amorous memories and emotions are gone, Bill Cosby dies with them. We can argue that Bill Cosby did it, but he also created the TV character Cliff Huxtable that we all fell in love with.


Therese Serignese: "Bill Cosby raped me"
Therese Serignese: “Bill Cosby raped me”


Extra Taking points

– why some fans defend him while others convict

– how and why we connect so deeply with TV actors and celebrities

– The grieving process (fans grieve when a celebrity or idol ‘dies’)

– misogyny and reasons why these women waited 3 decades (career opportunities over justice)

– Understanding why a powerful man and celebrity might rape a woman in this way

– Cee Lo Green drugged his date with Molly

– Separating art from the artist “worship the art, the product, not the artist”


Patrick Wanis PhD Human Behavior Expert


Raven Symone searching for identity

An American is colorless but identity isn’t

Raven Symone, star of The Cosby Show and That’s So Raven, made a politically correct statement by telling Oprah that she is tired of labels, doesn’t want to be labeled as gay or African-American and that an American is a colorless person.


“However, Raven is actually saying she hasn’t yet found her identity, isn’t interested in her heritage, and is selectively choosing labels which she believes will benefit her” says Australian Human Behavior Expert Patrick Wanis PhD.


“Nowhere in the world is citizenship determined by color, but our identity goes deeper than our citizenship or nationality. If we are to remove all labels, then we must remove all hyphenations such as Italian-American, Cuban-American, etc., and we can never truly know ourselves until we can identify our heritage or ancestry. Are Jewish Americans still allowed to identify with their heritage? Can people still label themselves as Holocaust survivors, Christians, or mothers, sons or daughters? Can women call themselves women (gender identification) or do they have to refer to themselves as females?”


“Few of us want to be labeled with something that excludes us, divides us, victimizes us or potentially results in discrimination, bigotry or less opportunities. However, that is not equivalent to denying one’s roots, heritage or ancestry. Unless one is afraid or potentially ashamed of their heritage, there is little reason to not seek out one’s families and the richness of their history.”


“Symone says ‘I don’t know where my roots go to…but I do know my roots are in Louisiana.’ Unless her family is Native American, her roots do go beyond Louisiana, the same way that Irish Americans in NY have roots that go beyond NY.”


“If Symone is saying she doesn’t identify with African-Americans, she will still eventually have to find with which group she does identify (a religion, an organization, a community and so forth) since we all need a sense of belonging.”


“Identity is also connected to values, morals, principles, beliefs, interests, goals, dreams, meaning, purpose, culture, skills, talents, abilities and personality. When Symone says she doesn’t want to be labeled, and therefore doesn’t identify with  anything, anyone or any group in particular, she is also saying she doesn’t stand for anything and thus, lacks purpose and meaning.”

“We also need to understand that African-American isn’t just a political term; its true definition is the ethnic group whose members are those Americans who descended from the Africans brought and enslaved in the US from 1619 – 1865.”


“Finally, we label others as well as ourselves as a way of understanding, identifying and distinguishing ourselves, and as a way of bonding with people who are similar to us. We can be different and still equal! We cannot fully appreciate what makes someone special if we refuse to acknowledge and appreciate what also makes them different, though of the same nationality.”



You’re wrong about the Ray Rice video


The media got it wrong about the Ray Rice video
The media got it wrong about the Ray Rice video

Commentators everywhere in the media have been hailing the video showing Ray Rice punching his wife as the video that changes everything, claiming this warrants extreme punishment of Ray Rice and the NFL.


But they got it wrong, and their response reflects immaturity, sensationalism and a complete lack of understanding and insights into domestic violence, abuse and compassion.


Suddenly commentators believe that this second video is so hideous that the NFL and Rice should be punished further, and so they keep screaming for more blood, and without ever offering a solution to the problem of domestic violence.


The real video of concern isn’t the second video of a punch; the real video of concern is the first video which shows how Rice responded to his wife after she was knocked out.


The way we have responded to the 2 videos reflects the way we react emotionally instead of seeking a solution along with our complete disregard and unawareness of compassion. Due to our socio-cultural programming and the constant cries of gender inequality, we connect and notice the act of violence by a man against a woman, and, we fail to notice the real crime: Ray Rice might not have been able to control his anger in the moment but he had the opportunity to express compassion and remorse, and he didn’t.

After Janay is knocked unconscious when her head hits the railing, she falls to the ground, and Ray Rice drags her out of the elevator. He doesn’t lift her up; he doesn’t carry her, he drags her. He doesn’t fall to the ground, to his knees and embrace her head in his hands and arms; he doesn’t reveal any guilt over his actions or concern for her wellbeing. He doesn’t cry out “Oh my God, what have I done.” He doesn’t call for help; he quietly and calmly shoos away the security. There is no sign of immediate remorse, guilt, shame or fear for her safety.


How is it that all the commentators, including the numerous women who have written op-ed articles about how bad Ray Rice is, couldn’t see where the real issue is?


The answer again is that the holier-than-thou commentators who keep harping about Janay Rice as a victim don’t truly view her as a victim; they didn’t really put themselves in Janay Rice’s place, they didn’t truly think about her pain or what she needed after being knocked unconscious.


What do the commentators and media want to teach the public? “A real man never hits a woman”?


You can never teach that lesson without teaching compassion and a real concern for humans – regardless of gender. Telling children not to harm living things is impotent unless you also teach them why we shouldn’t harm.


You can’t have real men or heroes unless you teach and instill in everyone love, compassion, and the sanctity and preciousness of life!


Patrick Wanis PhD is a Human Behavior Expert and celebrity life coach
Follow him @Behavior_Expert and read more

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LeAnn Rhimes – Another wicked stepmother?


Behavior Expert & Life Coach

July 22, 2014



Pitch – LeAnn Rhimes – another wicked stepmother?

Is LeAnn Rhime’s decision to do a reality TV show an example of a step-mother turning wicked by setting out to punish the ex-wife? It certainly looks that way, says one behavior expert.

“LeAnn Rhimes is blatantly using her new Vh1 TV show to manipulate, tease, mock, humiliate and disparage her husband’s ex wife Brandi Glanville” says Human Behavior Expert, Patrick Wanis PhD. “And this is a common occurrence by many stepmothers, who still remain jealous and threatened by the ex-wife. Despite the fact that Rhimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian both cheated on their spouses, Rhimes is intent on stepping on Cibrian’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville as she references tabloid rumors in her show.”

“Glanville and Rimes have been in massive Twitter fights and now Rhimes wants to really hurt Glanville by rubbing it in her face that she and Cibrian are married and ‘happily ever after’” says Dr. Wanis. “But that behavior reeks of the opposite – Rhimes is jealous, insecure and threatened by Glanvile. This is particularly common when the step mother was the ‘other woman’ – the mistress. When a relationship begins with both people cheating on their spouses, their future together can only be doomed because their foundation consists of lies, deceit and betrayal, and thus, they will never be able to fully trust each other – they will always be wondering when the other partner is going to cheat.”

“LeAnn & Eddie” is a new TV reality show on Vh1 about the inside life of LeAnn Rhimes and husband Eddie Cibrian.

Wanis predicts they will suffer the fate of almost all of the couples that indulge in reality TV shows: “I call it the curse of the reality show – with few exceptions, every married couple who has their own reality show ends in divorce!”


Step mothers:

  • Often use the children against the ex-wife

  • Fail to understand the situation they married into is an ‘existing family’ and don’t understand that they’re not the center of it

  • Act as if the children belong to them and feel the need to ‘mother’ them

  • Don’t hold back their criticism of the children, which are really directed at the mother

  • Often cocky enough to believe then can do a better job than the biological mother

  • Use the children to spite the mother

  • Compete with the biological mother

  • Don’t realize THEY are the outsider

  • Mentality on Facebook seems to be same across the board – The stepmothers see themselves as victims of the biological mom. They think they married the prize and that the bio mom hasn’t ‘let go’ of the relationship with their husband

  • Often manipulate money and payment to the former spouse

  • Should understand ex-wives often know the ‘real truth’ about her former husbands

Patrick Wanis Ph.D.
Celebrity LIfe Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert & SRTT Therapist


Patrick Wanis PhD

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Hollywood is the molester of children

Hollywood the molester of children
“Is there any childhood star that Hollywood doesn’t abuse and destroy?”

Hollywood is like the molester of children, according to a human behavior expert.


“Is there any childhood star that Hollywood doesn’t abuse and destroy?” asks Human Behavior Expert, Patrick Wanis PhD.


“Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus are just recent examples of the way Hollywood grooms, corrupts, taints and destroys all of its childhood stars” says Dr. Wanis.


“Justin Bieber was arrested for drunk driving and resisting arrest just blocks from my home in Miami; Where is this child’s father? Turns out he is a bad role model. A mother cannot raise a son alone. Bieber’s mother gave birth to him as a teenager, suffered from substance abuse and raised him as a single mother; she says ‘pray for him.'”


“A mother cannot be expected to become the role model or mentor for a boy. A mother cannot leave a child alone in Hollywood because it is like leaving a child abandoned on the street as open prey.”


“What is the difference between Jerry Sandusky using and abusing boys for his own pleasure and Hollywood doing the same thing to its childhood stars? Ultimately, both victims are scarred for life and their lives are often completely destroyed – becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol, suffering from depression and mental disorders, and losing all purpose and meaning in life.”


Finally, Wanis says “Bieber is 19, with a bad role model – his father was present during all of the trouble in Miami – he was a part of it. Recall, Britney Spears’ life was turned around by her father! Bieber’s father is like Miley’s dad and obviously wants to be friends with Justin instead of being a dad to him.”



Talking points:

* What happened to Bieber’s Christian roots? The same thing that happened to Miley Cyrus.

* Bieber and Miley’s dads want to be best friends to their children instead of being a dad

* Some of Hollywood’s childhood victims:

Freddie Prinze – Committed suicide by shooting himself in the head at age 22

River phoenix – Died of a heroin and cocaine overdose at age 23

Brad Renfro – Found dead in his LA apartment at age 25

Andrew Koenig – committed suicide



**** Originally from Australia, Patrick Wanis Ph.D., is an Author, Expert in Human Behavior & Relationships and creator of SRTT Therapy. Wanis has appeared on FOX News, MSNBC, HLN, Extra, Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell, TruTV’s In Session, the Montel Williams Show, Mike and Juliet, Cosmo, Rolling Stone, InTouch Weekly, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Dating on Demand, E! TV, Vh1,,,,, NY Daily Mail, NY Post, Vogue Australia, FHM, etc. WGN Chicago and Syndicated TV show, “The Daily Buzz” anointed him “The Woman Expert” and FOX News pronounced him “A voice for women.” turned to Wanis for expert insights and analysis when Michael Jackson died. Over five million people have read Wanis’ books in English and Spanish.


Petraeus – Only selfish women cheat

petraeus only selfish women cheat paula broadwell
Paula Broadwell accused of an affair with CIA Director David Petraeus

“Women that cheat with married men are selfish”, says Los Angeles based Human Behavior & Relationship Expert, Patrick Wanis PhD.


“Women are seduced by the aphrodisiac of power and powerful men” says Dr. Wanis. “Power can take many forms – money, wealth, influence, social status, fame and so forth. Women in relationships often cheat because they feel emotionally invisible in the relationship. However, women who choose to cheat with married men are extremely selfish. They care not about the consequences for the man and his world since the cheating woman is rarely held accountable or blamed for the affair – only the married, powerful and famous man is blamed. The cheating woman does not care whether or not the affair destroys a family, children or the man’s career. And in the case of CIA Director David Petraeus – decorated four-star Army general who once ran the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan- it seems his mistress Paula Broadwell did not care whether or not it negatively impacts the potential security of a nation” says Dr. Wanis.


petraeus only selfish women cheat paula broadwell CIA
CIA Director David Petraeus resigns after an affair with Paula Broadwell

“The cheating woman only cares about satisfying her own needs and desires – conquering the powerful man, taking him away from another woman, tasting the power & glamour, boosting her own ego by the attention she receives from the powerful man or using him as a means to further her career or spear her into the limelight. Hedge fund analyst Danielle Chiesi had an affair with Robert Moffat, Senior VP of IBM, and used him to gave her valuable information which destroyed his career at IBM and put him in prison for six months for insider trading.”

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