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- Patrick Wanis

What people are saying about Patrick

I teared up and my heart is so thankful to you for your beautiful gift!!!  What a treasure you are. Many thanks again Patrick, what a sweetheart.”
-Wanda B.

“I have to let you know that you inspired me to grow and travel too! You will never know how much that trip to Miami has meant to me!  Keep going with all of your great work, I am so proud of you! Let me know if you will be taking on some more one on one clients, I will send you some people.”
-Christina K.

“All of your success is really inspirational to me, you are living proof that affirmations really do work! I love the fact that you are using your skills and talents to help people, you deserve all your success and more!!!”
-Kristina C.

“Patrick, this is a really great message (unconditional love: ‘how much can I love you?’) – we’ve been working through a similar issue in the past couple of years and thankfully an open loving conversation between my life partner and his daughters a few months ago made a huge difference in our family dynamics.”
-K. A.

“Congratulations....You are making a difference in the world because you are inviting others to replace fear and anger with love. I am grateful and honored to know you.”
 -Phyllis B.

“Patrick, I got engaged.  We knew each other for a couple of months before we started dating, but what led to us dating was me following one of your suggestions of visualizing what I want in a woman, then writing it down.  I wrote it down at the prompting of some of my friends who asked what I was looking for.  When I did, Sandy said "that's me".  It was still a few weeks before I asked her out, but as soon as we started dating, we had a connection that I didn't know was possible. Not only is she my fiancee, but she is my best friend.  Everything about our relationship is so much better than I could have ever imagined.”
-Steve W. 

“Patrick, it was a pleasure meeting you tonight. I was impressed and inspired by your presentation. Everyone was impressed and thought it was effective.”
 -Ross F.

“I treasure your friendship and energy. You are a unique and shining presence, a totally unforgettable personality - and your star is definitely on the rise.”
-Christopher C. 

“I’m very much inspired by Patrick’s article Get What U Want. It really brought meaning in me, letting me to know that determination is critical and with a determined mind you can get what u want.”
-James C. 

“I've kind of made you my surrogate...guy friend...or something like that…surrogate to give me a compass to say "oh, this is how Patrick says it or responds...so I know what a loving response should be like.”
-Gilly S.

“This piece on your work with the fourteen year old girl on Montel show moved me to tears.  You are a great healer, a great writer and a great friend.  I appreciate you and everything you do to help other people.  I am proud to work with you.  Keep up the great work.”
-Chris B.

“Thank you for your words of encouragement!  I read your newsletters and you INSPIRE me!”
-Stephany D.

“I want to hear all about your life as celebrity...That whole thing just makes me happy. The fact that you set out to do it and actually got it within a few years! That kills!
-Franz H.

“Congratulations, Patrick! Your newsletter is always right on and I appreciate it. I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.”
-Rita A.

“Patrick - thank you so much for your patience and understanding - often these shows take on a life of their own - and we just have to roll with it - you not only have done that for us continuously - but have also done exceptional work. Montel and his staff really do pride themselves on helping the guests, and we do what we can given our restrictions - and you have helped us do that as well.   I thank you again for going above and beyond to try and help the guests.”
-Alexandra Jewett, Senior VP Programming & Development, CBS Television distribution

“Thank you for your efforts in creating your helpful newsletters and for your kind words. You are always appreciated.”
-Cheryl O.

“Your article in the New York Observer on the Top Ten Celebrity Meltdowns of 2007 was awesome.....really well done!  I am very very impressed and give it 2 thumbs up!”
-Nancy C.

“Thank you so much for your newsletter on how to ease Holiday Stress!  I sent it on to all of my family members. We had a rough, rough Thanksgiving. You are SPOT on, Mate! Here is my new saying: "You cannot choose your family, but you can choose to support your family."

“The audio seminar you gave for Peaks Potential is great! You sound impassioned.
And I love how you bring in the men-women relationship issues and how people feel about themselves. The question answer part was really good listening!”

-Angela B.

“Just thank you for the interesting material on your website. It helped me to study psychology in college.”
-Valentina W. 

“I finally got to view your web site and let me just say how impressed I am and it will truly be an honor to meet you.”
-Leslie W.

“Patrick-thank you so much for all your help with my team!
I love the Fire in your Belly!”

-Juan Marrero, General Manager, EQUINOX, NY

“I really enjoyed talking with you. You are incredibly refreshing. You have great insight, and I am very interested in your opinions on human behavior. It is especially interesting now that I may plan on going into the field of psychology.”
-Tiffany J.

“I must say that when I prayed for wisdom concerning what I was going through with a dear friend of mind that I have fallen in love with over a seven year span and no sex has been involved the book Just Get Over it was put into my hand and I got on the net to find his website and I have been in 7th heaven every since just thanking God for allowing me to come into the knowledge and wisdom that Patrick Wanis brings to the table concerning love on all levels and I am telling everyone I know about his website. I have received clarity in so many area of my life after reading his info.”
-Leta C. 

“I loved your message this week in your newsletter. You are doing a great job!” 
-Regina C.

“I want to learn all about hypnosis and enjoy the level of human understanding that Patrick seems to. Great Montel Show today Patrick. I was inspired.”
-Kim R.

“You are inspirational to us all Patrick.”
-Annie Jennings, Annie Jennings PR

“Patrick, thanks for such kind and inspirational words. We strive each day to be better in life. Continue to live with passion and touch many lives.”
-Dr. Sylvester B. 

“Happened to be home today and watched you on Montel.  Just wanted to tell you that I really thought your perspective on people was right on.  I'm just beginning to learn about hypnosis and what it can do for people.   I watched some of your videos here on your site.  Wonderful.  So thought provoking.  Keep doing what you are doing.  I'm sure that you help many people each and every day.   Keep up the great work.  Thanks!”
-Craig M.

“As you are travelling about on your incredible journey, spreading gladness and love to all, I wish you an abundance of joy and blessings to make your heart happy and your free spirit to dance...” 
-Phyllis B. 

“Thank you Patrick for your latest newsletter.  It really hit home, especially the Law of Deservedness.” 
-Geoff A. 

“Dearest Patrick, you are an exquisite human being. I SO GOT who you are last Thanksgiving, and I am ever grateful for your selfless giving to my life. For your taking the interest in me and your loving PUSH to get off my butt and CLAIM WHO I AM! As I read your e-mail, the tears rolled down my face; tears of joy for the family who so desperately needed a miracle, and tears of joy for YOU who so deserve the recognition for the Divine Energy you exude.  You are a "Miracle Worker" !!!”
-Joy D. 

“You are such a Blessing”
–Laura L.

“Thank you for everything Patrick! You are a god.”
-Raymond G.

“Few people touch me at the level you do. Your knowledge of, and insights into the human heart and psyche are unparalleled.” 
-Carolin B.

“I am doing so good!  The difference in me since we first spoke almost a year ago (can you believe it's been that long) is phenomenal.”
-Cathy V.

“I want to thank you for this wonderful seminar.  It is now 10:52 and I have spent the time since the call typing and editing my notes.  I have also made several of the lists referred to in the call. The information was extremely helpful.  Even the things that I had heard before were presented in such a way as to make them easier to understand and help me see the usefulness of the material.  Thanks again…It helped me personally and professionally.” 

“Thank you so much ….such empowering information…love it…please continue sending me more!!!!!!!!”
-Michelle M.

“Patrick, thank you for your response and the support.  I listened to your recording that you recommended.  It was very helpful.”
-Jeffrey A.

“Your article (success newsletter) had some good insights.  I enjoyed reading it.  Good Job.”
-John W.

“Wow, your newsletter on guilt was a really good one…I should read it again.”  
-Pam L.

“Thank you so much for your teleseminar! I thoroughly enjoyed it! It even brought me to tears! You made such an impact on me, & answered a lot of questions that I'd been having. Especially on whether we believe we deserve something or not!”

 “I appreciate your taking a few minutes this morning to help inspire Becky.”
-Tony J.

 “I bought 3 audio books yesterday but after I visited your web site and listened to you on a Call you did for MLM'ers I needed to quickly get some more useful material for my business associates and myself. I'm grateful that I found out about you last week.”
-Omar J.

“You are really enlightening, and so intuitive!”
-Emma W.

“You rock Patrick!  You have helped me in the past by directing me to what I needed most.  Thank you. Your emails are very good and put to good use.” 
-Heather H.

“Thank you for your message. I don't know how it happened but, many months ago my email address somehow got into your newsletter list. I remember thinking, O' great...another spammer, but before I let my judgment take me too far, I decided to read the newsletter and was so delighted I did. I find your messages perfectly touching upon subjects in a way that anyone can easily understand the wisdom brought forth as many of them also did for me.”
-Sarah D.

“Thank you Patrick, I always love and appreciate your newsletters. As always, I forwarded it to all of my friends.”
-Sylvia A.

 “Thanks for your inspirational message (your Success Newsletter.)”
-Allison K.

“Patrick, I just had to let you know how much your "Get Over It!" book helped me…It helped me leave a 5 year unhealthy relationship and I feel GREAT! I'm not even mourning over it! The book had me dealing with all of my childhood issues and healing. Tears poured out as it took place. I can only imagine what your other books and services could do for me! Thank you sooooo much!.. It WORKED!!! I'm passing it on to all my girlfriends who are stuck in bad relationships. You are phenomenal!! I look forward to using more of your services...”
-Amber H.

“Patrick, I just wanted to let you know that I listened to your audio book (get the man you want) and I found it to be very interesting, intriguing, and accurate. You are really great at what you do and I know you help a lot of people. Don't want to sound corny but it's true.”
-Marianna K.

“I have received all your newsletters over the last couple of years, and have gained much from reading and applying them. Your beliefs and way of thinking are very healing and refreshing and uplifting.”
-Betty K.

“You looked and sounded great on the Montel show. You made the Dr. that thought some of the anger might be of a neurological nature look like he didn't have a clue.”
-Jake S.

“You looked handsome and you stole the (Montel) show. Pffft two those other guest psychologists. You just shone…I was sure proud to know you!”
-Gillian S.

“Bottom line......you were brilliant!
You looked handsome and professional. You were captivating and articulate. Congratulations!”

-ToniAnn T.

“Patrick just wanted to tell you Thank You. I feel like a new person since you helped me. It was a wonderful experience and if it wears off I want to come see you in Miami. I feel it is worth the money to come see you if I feel as half as good as I do now. Thank you again I feel like I have a new life thanks to you...”
-Tammy B. (guest hypnotized on Montel show)

“Great show!”
-Barry K.

“Patrick, God Bless you for the work you do.”
-Laura L.

“I am so proud of you! You are an angel sent to all of us to help us to that higher place.”
-Mamie W.

“You are a bright spot on a dreary day!”

“Thanks for the newsletters. They are always interesting and inspiring.”

“I appreciate you so much and feel blessed to have you in my life as a friend and confidante.”
-Nichole D.

“I am filled with gratitude. It’s you who inspired me to do this and I really want to say thank you for reminding me of what I'm capable of.”
-Mariko C.

“You are a messenger of goodness.”
-Paco A.

“The uniqueness of who you are and what you do is actually somewhat a challenge to put into words, for it is your energy that is received and anchored into your clients.”
-Joy D.

“It was great meeting you - I am thrilled you are in my life.”
-Mark W.

“I always cherish every detail of your email success newsletter to me.”
-Hilario P.

“I think you are great and give excellent advice!!”
-Ginger C.

“I believe in you! Your message needs to be heard by the whole world.”
-Chris C.

“You have a blessed gift with words, and I am sure you are making a positive difference in many lives.”
-Phyllis B.

“I found your newsletter pieces extremely useful and inspiring.”
-Anthony S.

“I really appreciate the work you do.”

“My sales team listen to your CD (Get what you want) in our sales meetings. It has helped my sales increase. They all feel like they can overcome any objections. And it has helped me feel worthy of success and it has giving me more confidence by striving to treat myself like a million dollar horse.”
-Juan Marrero, Manager Equinox Fitness, NY

“The principles you teach and want to spread to the world are definitely aligned with the work Jack (Canfield) does as well.”
-Jesse Ianniello, Director of Trainings
Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises, Inc. Self-Esteem Seminars

“I want to let this wonderful person know that he has helped save my life and change my life for the better! So THANK YOU Patrick Wanis. My family and friends have seen a tremendous change and I feel so happy. The world is a much better place to endure since we have Mr. Patrick Wanis! I cannot get over how he has changed my life through his book.(Get What You Want!)”
-Lynn V.

“(Get What You Want!) has changed not only our lives but those around that have gotten one of these books from us. We are in the Motivational Seminar business and have gone back to get books over and over to give them away. We have seen positive changes in couple of General Managers after reading it! Best money we have ever invested!”
-Lucrecia Q.

“Your brilliant energy is so noticeable and inspiring. Keep up the amazing work you are doing.”

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for saving my BEST friend Cathy. We have been friends since birth. Seeing her slip away from life was devastating to watch. Thank you for bringing her back ! I cried with joy after I got off of the phone with her telling me about her first session with you. It was like a light switch of life was turned back on for her. I thank God that she found you.”
-Tina V.

“I just wanted to tell you I found your book (Get What You Want) …and love it. I am in recovery now for 130 days clean! I wanted to let you know you have helped me so much. Thank you and God bless.”
-Michael M.

“I love your book, Finding your soulmate -how to attract your perfect match.”
-Summer C.

“Thank you very much Patrick for making us reflect about what seems to be self-esteem and what really is self-esteem, using Paris Hilton's example…I love your Newsletters. Good work!”
-Hélène P.

“Thank you. I love getting these e-mails (Success Newsletters) and I pass them on to friends. I close my office door, get a good lunch and enjoy reading these messages.”
-Maria R.

“I'm really looking forward to talking with you (phone consultation), you always make me feel better and get me on the right track!!”
-Cathy V.

“WOW....Patrick....I am so glad you are sharing with us, I am so glad you came into my life....you make such a difference for others...thank you!”
-Juanita G.

“Thank you for your passion and willingness to care. I've enjoyed your newsletters.”
-Mikki K.

“I wanted to let you know you were the stepping stone in my life to make me realize I didn't love myself. Just wanted to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Congratulations on all your success! I saw you a while back on CNN I believe. Awesome!”
-Heather C.

“You are amazing! I simply love your newsletters.”
-Johnny B.

“You are a fearless leader.”
-Neil C.

“Thanks Patrick! This is an awesome newsletter keep up the great work!”
-Christina K.

“Thank you for including me on the new letters it has been nice to hear that people still see the positive when they are at their lowest points and your reassurance with people is great.”
-Lisa T.

“Patrick - thanks for that wonderful vignette about how to live life and attract rather than repel - it's always good to have a reminder.”
-Ellen R.

“It dawned on me after this newsletter – you’ve been saying the same stuff and more than is in “The Secret” for years! But you already KNOW the secret – thanks for sharing it!”
-Danny Wright, Host Wright All Night Syndicated radio show

“I am very proud of myself and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me believe in myself and get my life back.”
-Cathy V.

“I wanted to thank you for coming to the School to talk to the students. Again you were magnificent. They are still talking about you. You did great!”
-Marissa P.

“Thank you once again, your presentation was remarkable and the top discussion at the water cooler this morning! I can assure you....all Executives were very impressed. Thanks again the pleasure was all ours...”
-Kelly Sanchez, Business Partner Human Resources
V & M Star

“Your words are strong and wise. Thank You for your faith in humanity.”
-Ryan L.

“What a genius you are! I love your newsletters.”
-Sheryl C.

"I want to tell you again what an incredibly dynamic, honest speaker you are. Your content and views are so true."
-Emily W.

“I am continually impressed at your desire, and ability, to help as many people as possible.”
-Chris B.

“Good letter. I read every one you send, and it always is on point.”
-Adam E.

“Thank you again and again…You were there for me during the darkest moments of my life. You listened to everything I said and remained there instead of running away. You helped me and cared so much. I knew all along that I was better and stronger than that and some days I would fight it and other days I couldn't. You are an incredible person and I'm thankful for your kindness and enlightening words. Keep reaching out to people, they need you.”

“Wonderful newsletter! So good to know you are out there in the healing community.”
-Kurt H.

"We found the session not only educational but entertaining, inspirational and challenging. We will be using you again."
-Cathy Hill, American Productivity & Quality Center

“I really look forward to reading your inspiring messages and truly feel that you deserve the best of luck in all of your endeavors. It is admirable that you chose a path in life to help others in such a personal way. I am proud to know you.”
-Maria M.

“You are our most favorite correspondent.”
-Sally Jessy Raphael, TV personality and Host new syndicated radio show

“Thank you for my weekly letters Thanks for your helpful advice. Even though, I have created a lot of enemies. I just laugh at myself because without your help. I would still continue to be this crazed people pleaser.... Thanks for helping me unlock the true person inside. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...”
-Shirley U.

“I found your ideas to be a good practical look at dealing with our difficult life in this crazy world. “
-Paul A.

“I feel so blessed to know you. You make me feel so strong and valued.”
-Gillian S.

"Great insights into deserving more--I had heard this idea before but "got it" better"
-Rachel B.

“Thanks. You are My GURU.”
-Paco Arana C.

“Thank you for your energy and being an enlightened man on the planet. I honor you.”
-Donna M.

“I want to thank you for doing what you have done. I bought your book Get what you want, I read it and did everything that was written in there and in less than a month I have a lot more going for me than I have for years thank you.”
-Sara H.

“You are incredible!”
-Pete B.

"Your style is uplifting. Your presentation made this one of the best ever events for our group."
-Mary Hayes, CHME

“Also want to thank you for the wonderful energy you are sharing with everybody.”
-Marie-Jose F.

"Excellent...very clear, concise and all questions dealt with very professionally and completely."

“Thank you for your efforts and energy! You deserve a standing ovation!”
-Rachel S.

“Thanks for the service you provide, too. It such a blessing to so many people.”
-Rita A.

“Thank you for replying. I have truly been focusing on the wrong things and not on the things that are true to me and true to what I would like to achieve. I have always been hoping that someone else would make me happy. I forget it is ME and only Me that is responsible for that. The mind frick has been hell! It is far too easy to go back to the way is was, and be truly saddened by that who process… I am going to stop today. I am going to think of the things that make me happy. I am going to move forward.”
-Kim W.

“You are such a spark of energy! You have sooooo much energy! You radiate ENERGY! It was wonderful to watch you! I love your website.“
-Maria B.

"Your delivery of the materials, and your interactive teaching style was outstanding."
-Kimberly Cook, Pres. Houston Hospitality Human Resources Association

“You seem to have an outstanding career. I felt you were very at ease in your body, now I know why!”
-Johanne O.

“You sure do have energy and excitement. You stand out in a crowd.”
-Marsha L.

“Thank you so much. Changes are already beginning for me and my happiness with life has returned! I spent many years being a survivor and consequently could not shake off a deep sadness. Now I can move ahead one step at a time.”
-Frances F.

"Clear, concise, to the point! Thanks a lot, Patrick!"

“Out of any of the therapists/experts we've talked with in the past 6 years, I've found you most on-point and enlightening.“
-Juliet Huddy, FOX News Channel

“I've really been reading all your material and it's making me re-think my relationship!”
-Angela Y.

"Thank you for making our Annual Worldwide Sales Meeting for 600 attendees in Orlando, the best ever!"
-Sharon Freitas McDonald Manager Corporate Events, UB Networks

“You are brilliant, you are full of energy, and I feel honored to know you.”
-Milton M.

“You are awesome Patrick. I think that most people want to know they make a difference, you know? And that must be a very rewarding feeling!”
-Jackie Brans, Producer, Good Morning America

"Your presentation was both uplifting and inspiring!"
-Paul O. Steen National Sales Manager, HelmsBriscoe

"I have been receiving your newsletters ever since and I wanted you to know how uplifting they have been and the timing has always been impeccable."
-Vanessa G.

“I loved your show on the playboy radio with Tiffany Grannath, it really made me rethink my life...”
-George V.

“You are an inspiration to me to come to America and go through all you have been through and co-create such success. You are an amazing man!”
-Mamie W.

“I read "Finding God" and was greatly impressed both with your wide range of touching stories as well as the insightful teaching (particularly the teaching on forgiveness.)”
-Kevin E.

“And there you were, on National Television, a God descended from the Heavens to bring the mortals of the world a message of love...You looked very handsome, and came through the screen with charm, humor and honesty. You are definitely meant to be a TV personality.”
-Phyllis B.

“Thank You so much for your insightful little book "Finding God". I've been in recovery for almost 7 years now and found my idea of God evolving, and thought I was losing my contact with Him until I read your book. So simple yet, so to the point...My oldest daughter is currently in an intensive outpatient program due to a suicide attempt, and they cover the spiritual aspects of recovery there. She is angry with God, due to her circumstances, and suggested to her that she read your book.”
-Gerry M

“I am on my way to the best life I have ever had thanks to you.”
-Rigoberto S.

“Thank you for being a guest on RainMaker last evening! You did a great job and our listeners really enjoyed you.......you are truly gifted.”
-Brandy S.

“YOU are inspiring!”
-Mande D.

“I watched you talk about your soul mate book on fox news. I wish it wasn't such a short interview, you are so interesting I would have liked to learn more.”
-JeanMarie C.

“You are so right about EVERYTHING. You have such a clear way of stating things that get to the core of a person and you put it in such practical terms. Thank you for all you have been through so you can help others.”
-Dr Mamie.

“Your hard work, determination, persistence, education, life experiences and commitment have got you to this part of your life’s journey!! Congratulations!”
-Regina C.

“I benefited tremendously from our session! You are warm and genuine.”
-Tooran K.

“I read your newsletter letter and found a lot of common sense validity.”
-James S.

"This was no easy group, they are all seasoned senior sales professionals who think they have seen and heard it all, and you proved they still have something to learn about themselves."
-Jeffrey S. Jones Regional Vice President, HelmsBriscoe

“I am so much happier I am since I started using self hypnosis. I practiced for thirty days, and I'm still doing it. I visualized having supreme confidence with women, and it worked. I met this extremely attractive woman where I bank. I practiced visualizing what I would do, and how it would turn out. I went to the bank, this morning, and started talking to her, and giving her compliments, she ate it up. I always try to make her laugh, with great success. It turned out exactly as I visualized it would happen. Thanks for all your help.”
-David M.

“Following our phone session on Wednesday, I am happy to report that I feel good.”
-Cybil R.

“I think your books have a lot to offer people, especially in finding one's way around and through things. Self-Love is the first thing one must learn. To love oneself is what allows us to truly love another.”
-Sandra G.

“Your book about finding your soul mate has blessed everyone I have shared it with.”
-Wendy F.

“I just wish to thank you for your words of wisdom. I bought 'Soul Mates, discovering sharing loving.' How effectively and beautifully you write! You are attractive because you exude inner beauty and you are also very handsome!”
-Melissa V.

“I believe 100% the news you are spreading and I think it is such a great reminder.
It’s like a major scale in singing, it is the foundation!
Great work and thank you!”

-Nika G.

"Your interactive presentation is powerful because it lead our employees into taking steps toward positive change…Thank you for being so responsive and listening to our needs."
-Gary Frees, Dir. of HR, Doubletree Hotel Allen Center TX

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday.”
-Yves Pognonec, Vice President, V & M Tubes

“This book is an absolute gem! (Get What You Want!) Yours is the most succinct description of Self-Hypnosis I've ever read.”
-Wendy G.

“I've been so enlightened by your books.”
-Debbie B.

“I heard you on WGN and absolutely love what you have to say. It isn't rocket science, but makes me realize that I'm not alone. Your recent newsletter on "Real Strength in Men" is perfect for my boyfriend.”
-Kay W.

“You were an eye opener for me, I'm in this bad relationship and I was confused and I didn't seem to get it, that this is not happiness.”
-Maria O.

“I got your book (Get Over It) and you helped me a lot to overcome my divorce. I was in an abusive relationship and your help was so powerful to me and inspirational. I am a stronger person now and I feel much better that I’m no longer in that relationship anymore. Thank you so much because I don’t know how I would've gotten over it if it weren't for your help.”
-Melissa L.

“Your program really works, and I'm glad I started using it. I only wish I started doing it sooner. You really changed my life, and I'm very grateful for that. I used to walk around depressed, and feeling sorry for myself. But not anymore, thanks to you, I feel better than I have in twenty years. Thanks for all your help and guidance.”
-David M.

"People such as yourself who so willingly share their time and talents will always make a difference in lives of those they come in contact with."
-Suzanne Kilgore, Custom Tailors & Designers Association

"Patrick showed he is the best!"
-Joseph N.

"Such a highly successful show, very informative and entertaining for our listeners."
-Dr Keith Robertson -"America Talks Health" nationally syndicated radio show

"Your presentation was entertaining, very effective for everyone. Your expression was original and creative…We look forward to your continuing to work with our staff in all aspects of training."
-Sandra E. Kennedy Human Resource Administrator, Southwest Resource Credit Union

"Our seminar was a huge success and I count you among those responsible…The seminar evaluations sheets indicated everyone enjoyed your presentation."
-Pat Clark CPS Exxon Exploration Company


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