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You’re here because you’re not completely over your ex.
This free questionnaire “The Breakup Test” looks at 8 key areas of your former relationship and how it’s affecting you now (behavior, emotions, beliefs) and how they are holding you back from experiencing love and joy.
After you complete the survey, you will get a score and personalized report. The score and your specific responses place you in one of 4 categories, and…
Your customized report will contain specific suggestions, advice and customized action steps just for you. You can expect to be truly surprised by the insights and revelations; you can expect “A-Ha’s” as a result of taking this unique “Breakup Test.”

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Patrick Wanis, Behavior and Relationship Expert PhD spent many months creating this breakup questionnaire and the extraordinary insights and strategies for your personalized report. This Breakup Test is unlike any other test on the internet. It has been designed for people who were in committed relationships (not people who were dating for a couple of weeks or months.)

“I was motivated the create this Breakup Test to help as many people as possible to gain clarity about how the Ex is affecting you, and, to share as much wisdom, insights and action steps as possible to help set you free from your ex; to get over your ex and to enjoy a happy, fulfilling relationship filled with passion, intimacy and commitment!”

Patrick Wanis PhD
Behavior & Relationship Expert

PS. There are no obligations on your part; this is a completely free test.