Get Over Your Ex Now!

Are you heartbroken, angry, lost, lonely, confused, depressed, hung up, or pining over your ex?

  • "Is the relationship over but you’re not over the relationship or your ex?"
  • Are you suffering from a breakup, betrayal or rejection?
  • Do you know how to put the pieces of your life back together without your ex?
  • Do you want to break free from the past, from your ex’s painful hold over you?

Do you truly want a happy, loving, fulfilling relationship full of passion, intimacy and commitment, where you are worshiped and adored?

Get over your ex, and get the relationship where your needs are met!
Coach to the stars and Human Behavior & Relationship Expert, Patrick Wanis PhD
has put together the most powerful and effective program in the world to help you get over your ex now!

Time doesn’t heal all wounds but this Breakup Cure does.

This is not a gimmick; this is an easy and effective program that’s only for people who are serious about getting over an ex and finding true love and an amazing new relationship.

You will be amazed at what you learn about yourself as well as what you learn about your ex, and, you will learn so much about the dynamics of relationships that it will be extremely easy for you to identify and attract the perfect partner for you. You do want someone that will be able to meet your physical and emotional needs, don’t you?

You’re not alone and you will even get help to effortlessly change those old negative thoughts, patterns and emotions – using a very safe and highly effective hypnosis audio to free you from your ex.

Do you know what you need so you can be free of your ex?

  • Real self-awareness
  • Insights about relationships
  • Forgiveness
  • Let go of negative emotions
  • Identify your real needs
  • Learn to attract and select partners that can meet your needs

Love Isn’t Enough – The Breakup Cure

(Brand New Product)

$199.95  $67.95   

Eight hours of priceless, extraordinary insights, revelations and strategies to free from your ex and help you find the love you crave and deserve.

Section 1: Understanding Yourself - Knowledge is power

What you will learn: Your personality type and your ex’s personality type; your love language; your values and your needs.

The benefits for you: You will be able to find a partner compatible with you – and someone who will meet your emotional needs

Section 2: Understanding Relationships

What you will learn: Whether or not you or your ex suffered from “Twisted Love”; the 6 different types of love; the 7 factors of attraction; Emotional Vampires; roles your ex might have played – victim, rescuer or persecutor; the Triangle of Love; Gaslighting; Emotional Bidding; your “Attachment Style” - Secure, Anxious, Avoidant, Dismissive; the 14 stages of grieving a breakup.

The benefits for you: You will master the dynamics of relationships and you will become crystal clear about the real reasons your relationship didn’t work out; the roles and patterns you’ve been playing in relationships, and what you truly need for a happy, loving, fulfilling relationship. The chapter on Attachment Styles alone could change your life and get you off the emotional roller-coaster and give you love and inner peace.

Section 3: Transforming - Shame, Guilt, Fear & Forgiveness

What you will learn: The neurological reasons the breakup hurts so much; the 12 reasons you’re still craving your ex or not yet over your ex; the difference between guilt and shame; the antidote to shame; a process to overcome and neutralize shame; Step-by-step help through the grieving process; how to find yourself again after the ex.

The benefits for you: You will ease the pain and hurt from the breakup; you will let go of guilt, hurt, anger and shame; you’ll move quickly and easily through the grieving process to a place of love, joy, hope and happiness; you will find yourself again and celebrate the new you!

The Bonuses

Secrets to Getting Over It

Secrets to Get Over Your Ex Now – audio book with more insights and exercises focusing on how to let go of the pain and the past

Value $29.95 - Free

Getting Over It – Hypnosis Audio

Get Over Your Ex Now – Hypnosis audio program. Just 25 minutes use daily – works at a subconscious level to help set you free from your ex and the negative emotions and pain

Value $29.95 - Free

How to Get Over Your Ex – Vol. I

How to Get Over Your Ex Now - breakups, betrayals & rejection -Vol. I audio book – an insightful conversation - Honey La Rochelle interviews Patrick Wanis

How to Get Over Your Ex – Vol. II

Value $29.95 - Free

How to Get Over Your Ex Now -breakups, betrayals & rejection -Volume II; an eBook and workbook with additional information, insights, exercises & techniques to help you get over your ex now.

Total value of bonuses $89.85.
FREE when you buy the program now

$199.95  $67.95   
Here are some of


"This is much better than nine years of therapy! [Free of anxiety in one session.] Most therapists keep you there because they are not getting to the core of it."

Heather G.

Newport Beach, California

"I know it sounds almost unbelievable but after just one session with Patrick my self-esteem skyrocketed and the depression and doubt I was experiencing from the abuse that I had suffered from with my father practically disappeared. If I hadn’t done the work myself, I would never have even believed that this kind of healing therapy existed or was possible. Patrick is a gift and I feel lucky that I’ve been given the chance to work with him. His work is magical and he is priceless. "


New York, USA

"Amazingly, I feel calm and collected, even though I’m facing a bit of this financial mini-crisis at the moment. I’m trusting that I will get through this with flying colors, which is a huge leap from my usual state of anxiety! So, for only one session…that’s pretty amazing!"

Maria R.

New York, USA

“I was very skeptical”
I was very skeptical about Patrick and very cautious, however he brought to light many emotions I thought I had processed over the years and with the exercises he used with me, he helped me to become more equipped in dealing with life experiences. There is a soothing way about him and I will be forever grateful!!

Janet Pezzo.

New York, USA

"I know it sounds almost unbelievable but after just one session with Patrick my self-esteem skyrocketed and the depression and doubt I was experiencing from the abuse that I had suffered from with my father practically disappeared. If I hadn’t done the work myself, I would never have even believed that this kind of healing therapy existed or was possible. Patrick is a gift and I feel lucky that I’ve been given the chance to work with him. His work is magical and he is priceless. "

Mike G.

New York, USA

“…I can be deeply happy again.”
We had a wonderful session today. He’s worth every penny of the $345 per session. I only wish I had a budget to talk to him every day!!!!! I look forward to more sessions with him. I have been searching for someone who could help me find peace due to my situation, and I believe, now, with guidance from Patrick, that is a possibility. I think I can even be deeply happy again…and that would be a true miracle. :)

Alley W.

Los Angeles, USA

“peaceful and restored in under an hour.”
To watch Patrick use his Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique is like watching a surgeon for the spirit. With his keen intuition and deep insight he is able to zero in with laser like precision on exactly where a person needs healing.. and by employing a number of techniques, I have witnessed in utter amazement, as his client was led from total denial to profound understanding to becoming peaceful and restored in under an hour.


Manhattan, USA

“His therapy is MIRACULOUS”
I met patrick while going through an extremely difficult divorce which caused me a lot of pain. I was depressed and suffered from a high level of anxiety, sleeplessness, felt guilty, and had low self esteem. In just a few sessions with Patrick, he turned my whole life around. He not only helped me through my toughest moments in life, but also taught me more than I had ever known about myself and thought imaginable.


Miami Beach, FL. USA

“I was free of this pain.”
Brilliant! Amazing! are only two words of many to describe him. For years I was in denial of my pain and in one session, Patrick Wanis was able to bring out that which I had suppressed for so long. With my session, Patrick gave me the tools to release and deal with my anger, so I was free of this pain. For the first time, I felt in charge and understood that I alone, with the guidance of Patrick, needed confront and resolve this so I would not walk in fear anymore. His guidance was as tender as my pain. I am truly blessed to have met him and to have such a wonderful guide in my life.


Ft. Lauderdale, USA

“Patrick saved me”
Patrick (you) saved me from self-hate and guided me towards self-love …and you coached me to success.

Elena Pezzo.

Ft. Lauderdale, USA

“It felt really good to take those negative beliefs about myself and to get rid of them.”
I feel so much better. It really felt good to go back in time and find out why I carry some of those similar behaviors today. It was nice to go back and understand why I felt the way I did at that time and to understand that my parents were doing the best that they could, and also what they knew. Forgiving my parents for doing what they knew and understanding that those similar behaviors were how they were raised also helped me understand. It felt really good to take those negative beliefs about myself and to get rid of them. I do finally believe I am a good person who deserves all of the good things that life has to offer.


“I have turned my life around.”
I feel so much better after talking to THE expert was going to do something bad and really sabotage my life but now with your help I have turned my life around.

Dave R.

South Carolina, USA

“I am free of the pain”
It was so fast, I still don’t believe it – I have my confidence and self-esteem back!! I have me back. I have finally forgiven my mother and me and I am free of the pain, blame and drama. Thank you Patrick!!


Tokyo, Japan

“ready to jump from my balcony.”
Anger has been a part of my entire life “ my dad beat up on my mom and I have been angry most of my life. I was at my lowest point, ready to jump from my balcony, when I a friend introduced me to Patrick. My breakup with my girlfriend devastated me and I was angry, depressed, lost, confused, and ready to end it all. In three sessions, Patrick changed me “so he’ll say I changed me but I couldn’t have done it without him. Everybody at work saw the difference in me immediately. They said I looked different!! That was 2 years ago and I have a new lease on life. I am a happily married proud father and I owe it all to Patrick.

Dominick A.

Chicago, USA

“Thank you for setting me free.”
I want to let you know how many great things are happening since our session. All the heavy feelings have gone; I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest and my mom and I went out for lunch for the first time in years and we got along. She was softer and so was I and I felt so relieved and we could talk and get along. Thank you for setting me free. My boyfriend is also really grateful and we are even happier now!



“eternally grateful”
Thank you for who you are, for the magnanimous spirit to share and educate your wealth of knowledge which crosses over all the necessary lines in this world that keeps people from being the best of who they are and how to work together and make this world a better place. My friends and I are eternally grateful.

Angela S.

London, UK

“a whole new approach”
I feel ready to start the New Year with a whole new approach. Sincerely thank you. I hope you know what a difference you have made in my life.


North Carolina, USA

“I have been in psychotherapy and counseling since I was fifteen”
It never crossed my mind that my cigarettes was anything but a bad habit “I simply was expecting you to hypnotize me and tell me to stop smoking, and yet I remain in total amazement at the way you delved and emerged with the hidden cause and persisted until I was clear. As you are aware, I have been in psychotherapy and counseling since I was fifteen and no one has helped me as much or as rapidly as you have done. Truly Patrick I am a brand new man.

Martin P.

New Jersey, USA

“sabotage my happiness and gravitate towards big, fat jerks!”
I’ve been dating someone special since March. Patrick, he treats me like a million bucks and truthfully, I credit you with helping me sort through the feelings that were causing me to sabotage my happiness and gravitate towards big, fat jerks!

Cristina T.

Johannesburg, Africa
$199.95  $67.95   

The benefits and wisdom you’ll get from the bonuses

  • Discover what a person does that makes you feel as if you are in love, and how to break that spell, and smash the chains that bind you. You will be shocked by the process of falling in love and the way in which we associate pleasure and ecstasy with another person.

  • The Pain and Pleasure principle – this is ultimately what drives all of us.

  • Uncover the link to how the pleasure and pain principle affects our relationships with others.

  • Learn about the biggest mistake that most of us make and the pain that it causes.

  • Uncover the most dangerous mistake women make.

  • Reclaim your power again.

  • Take back control of yourself so that no one else except you will determine how you will feel today.

  • Finally uncover the reality of what time does and doesn’t heal.

  • Free yourself from your ex and find the relationship full of passion, intimacy and commitment where your needs are fully met!

  • Learn the secrets to regain your self-confidence and follow the strategies that will help you attract the people who will validate your self-worth and self-confidence. Gain the wisdom about why your circle of support friends isn’t enough to validate you, and where you can get real validation.

“So your self-esteem has bottomed?
this is how you can get it back!”

Can you forgive your ex?

  • Of course, you probably feel deep resentment towards your ex, and feel justified in your pain. It’s natural to feel depressed or suffer from anger, bitterness, guilt, blame, self-blame, and shame.

  • Learn how to release these negative and destructive emotions.

  • Attract your ideal partner who will meet your needs!

  • Learn and apply the secrets to love and accept yourself so that you become a magnet to others.

  • Discover three quick techniques to help you get over your ex and use Patrick Wanis’ hypnosis audio program to help you get over your ex fast, and be happy, joyful and feel safe to love again.

So You Really Want to Get Over Your Ex Now?

Are you ready to let go and be free of those old negative beliefs and emotions?
Are you ready to experience a happy, fulfilling, loving relationship full of passion, intimacy and commitment?

$199.95  $67.95